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If You’re Still Hesitant to Quit Smoking, Read This 

The first steps in a new life chapter are always the hardest. For smokers especially, going  down the same road over and over with the same lackluster results can be frustrating. 

So, if you’re hesitant to take action, it’s completely understandable. But before you make a  decision, read this page so you have all the information about‘s Online Smoking Cessation Training, and  how it works. 

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How Your Brain Forms Habits

How This Can Prevent You from Quitting

Every single action you make on a given day will cause different neurons in the brain to  connect. These connections are known as neuro pathways, and over time they can lead to a  habit. The more you perform a certain activity, the stronger the neural pathway. And that means,  the harder it can be to stop the activity for good.

Now, think of smoking. 

Every single day, you are making specific neurons in the brain connect multiple times a  day. With every cigarette you light, you make the neural pathway stronger. The repetition  makes this activity automatic in a way, similar to how you learn to ride a bike or read.

You don’t consciously think about what you’re doing when you ride a bike. You simply get  on and start pedaling. This is very similar to smoking because you normally don’t think  about what you’re doing, especially if smoking is already integrated into your daily routine. And if you smoke more than a pack a day, and have been smoking for years, then your  neural pathway can be almost unbeatable.

Almost, being the operative word here.

If you try to quit smoking without successfully rewiring a new neural pathway while simultaneously disrupting this smoking neural pathway, you  are setting yourself up for failure. The neurons in your brain want to connect like they’re  used to, so your brain will send you signals “encouraging” you to start again.

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But Repetition Is Also the Key to Your Success 

Repetition brought you into this situation, but it’s also the thing that can help you overcome it.

Repetition is how you learned pretty much everything in your life. How to read, how to spell, the multiplication tables for example. With guidance these skills were drummed into you and formed neural  pathways so strong they last to this day. 

People need between 66 to 90 days to form a new habit, through constant repetition of a specific  activity. When it comes to smoking, repetition is what got you here, built your neural pathways and deepened your addiction. Repetition is also what can help you sever the ties between the neurons that light up and “ask you to smoke.” 

But, this is not enough. Because apart from severing the triggers, you also need to build new neural pathways and get to the brain of a non-smoker, one where the neurons never light up when a cigarette is in sight. 

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Our Online Smoking Cessation Program

How Can Help You Quit

Our program is a 12-week quit smoking program designed to help you get the brain of a non smoker. As we have established, it’s really the only way to make sure you are free from this unhealthy habit and avoid painful and frustrating cravings down the line.

Our Online Smoking Cessation Program is split into 3 main sections:

The Mind and Spirit

In the first 4 weeks of the Online Smoking Cessation Program, you will learn essential methodologies such as:




Repetitive action

These will be the building blocks of new neural pathways in your brain. Also, and most importantly, getting you over your addiction to the chemical additives by switching to additive free cigarettes.

The Body

The next 4 weeks mark the integration of the Body into the program. You will select two smoking triggers and commit to quitting them until you’ve successfully quit smoking feel confident they are no longer triggers.

This can be soft drinks, coffee, tea, energy drinks, or alcoholic beverages that foster cravings to smoke. By eliminating the triggers and relying on the new knowledge from the previous 4 weeks, you’re committing the body to your commitment to moving forward toward a non-smoking life.

The New Habit

The final 4 weeks are devoted to continuing to employ and practice what was learned in the first eight weeks. Remember, repetition is key to building your new neural pathways to recreate the mind of a non-smoker. Plus, reducing cigarette intake by one cigarette a day with the goal of being down to three cigarettes or less by your quit date.

Talk about a plan for success!

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Why Is Your Best Chance to Quit 

Because our program was designed by former smokers, has a unique perspective on what it takes to successfully kick this habit. We know from personal experience it’s not about willpower, using the right drug, or even  having the courage to quit cold turkey. 

Apart from the effects the nicotine and additives have on our bodies, smoking has become a  habit, an integral part of our daily routine. Quitting can only happen if we address both the  physical and mental dependence on smoking. And that’s exactly what offers all its participants. We’ve created a path to a non-smoking future by looking at the person as a whole. And this has been the key to our success, and what’s allowed countless people to finally quit smoking for good.

If you’re ready to take this “first step” for your future, will take care of  the rest. 

We give you the tools and guidance to successfully become a non-smoker and create that success for yourself. Once you have completed our 12 week course, pass it on to those you love and whom love you. Success is within reach, just reach out for it!

Start our Smoking Cessation Program today and start rewiring your brain! 

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