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Our natural, holistic, drug-free stop smoking program is designed to help you quit smoking for good

Let’s face it, you’re here because you’re an addict and you’re looking for a way out. We know, we’ve been in your shoes. The fact is no matter how disciplined you are when the addiction to cigarettes gets you… it has you.

As ex-smokers, we perfectly understand the struggles and traps you face when trying to quit. The good news is we have a solution. Our program employs cutting-edge technology, tools, and strategies to help you break free.

The ASNM program will guide you to escape the grip of addiction and the addictive thinking you have around smoking. We will teach you to rewire your brain to the brain of a non-smoker. You will no longer fall into the traps that have perpetuated your smoking life and you will live life as a non-smoker not hounded by urges and cravings.

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Why Quit with the ASNM Program?

Experience. The ASNM Program Has Been Helping People Quit Smoking Since 1998.

What We Have Assembled is a Simple, Effective, Low Cost Path to a Healthy, Smoke-Free Life!

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We at are so incredibly proud of our program and confident in its ability to help you stop smoking we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Our Program is Simple

We’ve done all the thinking and planning for you. With ASNM we provide you with daily schedules so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
Change Your Life

Quit Smoking Without Cravings

ASNM’s program breaks the habit of smoking and stops cravings.  You will quit successfully and never miss cigarettes. You’ll quit the right way.
Change Your Life

No Withdrawal Symptoms

By rewiring your brain to the brain of a non-smoker your desire to smoke is slowly, steadily reduced and is removed before you quit.
Change Your Life

Quit With Less Stress & No Weight Gain

The ASNM program includes exercises that retrain your brain. The cycle of stress, smoke, stress, smoke with be a thing of the past. You won’t replace smoking with eating.
Change Your Life
Change Your Life

15 to 20 Minutes Twice a Day is All It Takes

The ASNM Program is not time consuming.  15 to 20 minutes twice a day, mornings and evenings, and whatever you can work on in between is all it takes. It’s just that simple and less time than most smokers spend smoking each day. With the provided daily schedule the ASNM Program breaks quitting smoking down to simple steps. Simple yet consistency and repetition are key. With the provided information we give you all the tools and the direction you need to successfully become the ex-smoker you’ve dreamed of being.

Mind • Body • Spirit

Achieving long-term change is most attainable when your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. This balance can be achieved through a holistic approach that focuses on the individual as a whole. The holistic approach to self care is widely regarded as the best, most successful approach.

The problem with traditional smoking cessation methods is they generally focus on treating nicotine solely from a physical perspective ignoring or giving scant attention to all other perspectives. Thus, these approaches have proven so greatly ineffective they have on average more that a 90% failure rate with the risk of relapse remaining high.

Breaking the Failure Loop

At, we guide you to engage your mind, body, and spirit through a holistic approach that will help you quit smoking for good. No matter how many times you have tried and failed we can get you out of the failure loop.

By employing this holistic, mind • body • spirit approach we lead you out of this try, fail, try, fail, loop which derails even the most earnest intentions and destroys motivation.

Following our program step-by-step as it’s laid out you can escape the failure loop because action is the other side of the same coin. Taking action per the daily schedule of ASNM is the antidote you need to break this loop and successfully become a former smoker.

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Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

The Most Complete Stop Smoking Program Your Money Can Buy! recognizes that today’s smokers are dually addicted. Not only are you addicted to the nicotine but addicted the deadly combination of chemicals your tobacco is treated with to make you ever more addicted. Recognizing this and treating these addictions separately, sets the ASNM program apart from all others.

As ex-smokers we have a real solution. We know what it takes to quit smoking and live a smoke free life not hounded by temptation and urges. Our program based in neuroscience, it’s simple, easy to follow, and the best part is that at the end of the program is a smoke free life! Seriously, what could be better than that?

If you’ve been down this road before, you’ll be so happy you found us. We provide you with step-by-step, day-by-day actions that teach you to rewire your brain to the brain of a non-smoker. There is never a question what your next step is.

Along the way you will build a healthy lifestyle that will support your smoke free life. is a refreshingly simple, straight forward program built for your success.

If you answer yes to any of the following…

  • Want to stop wasting your money?
  • Want to stop putting your health at risk?
  • Want to set a better example for your children?
  • Want to stop affecting those you love with your second hand smoke?
  • Want to build better, healthier habits and lifestyle?
  • Want to stop smelling like an ashtray all the time?

… then you are more than ready. Join us now to start your journey to a smoke free life just click the button below and start your quit journey today!

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Why do we keep smoking?

Smoking is a global-leading cause of death and disease.

So why do we keep doing it? Well, most of us try to stop but fail somewhere along the way. Around 68% of adult smokers want to quit smoking, but only about 55% end up trying. And only 7.8% successfully stop smoking. That’s fewer than 1 in 10. Smokers average between 8 and 11 attempts before successfully quitting and most are hounded with urges for years after.

As smokers, we know our behavior isn’t good for us, our health, and the health of those around us. But when it comes to putting that cigarette down forever, something always pulls us back to its grips.

As ex-smokers, we know very well all the different excuses we’ve used to justify smoking again:

  • I’m too stressed right now
  • I need something to do on my break
  • I’m eating too much
  • I feel anxious and irritated when I don’t smoke
  • I’m just bored

Sound familiar?

Sure it does because all these excuses are actually signs of withdrawal. Within minutes of finishing a cigarette your body starts sending you signals that it needs its fix. So, you get antsy and frustrated and end up lighting one up again. Well, that need not be the case anymore, thanks to the ASNM Program.

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The Stakes Have Never Been So High

The smoking cessation industry is a multi-billion-dollar market filled with dangerous, often preposterous, products that consumers spend billions on with little or no prospect for success. Currently, there are over 44 million smokers in America. 74% of current smokers want to quit. Yet annually, only 6% of the smokers who attempt to quit will succeed. That’s a 94% failure rate. Those who do succeed average from 8 to 11 attempts that span years.

While smoking rates have fallen in recent years, deaths attributed to smoking have risen because of the deathly combination of nicotine and chemical additives. Over 7 million people worldwide die each year from diseases caused by and related to cigarette smoking.

You don’t need to be one of them, and neither do the people you affect with your secondhand smoke. There is freedom from addiction to cigarettes and their chemical additives. Our Online Smoking Cessation Program will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to help you break free from your cigarette addiction.

We can and must do better and we at are ready to show you the way!

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